A childhood dream

I always wanted to draw when I was a kid. I used to draw using any kind of materials I can get my hands on – charcoal (from burnt firewood), my mother’s lipstick, rocks, clay from a broken pot, my father’s fountain pen, crayons, pencils (of course), and ballpoint pens.

Of course, you need to have paper to draw on. But if that is not available, I would draw on our walls (which is not a good idea). I drew every thing that I can think about. It’s really a fun experience because, as I draw, I also create my story out of it. We live near a factory, and a wharf. The setting really amazed me – all the machinery, the plant’s buildings, pipes, the ships docking and departing – it was all such an awesome sight. I would draw and recreate everything I saw from memory and make stories as I draw. I would copy X-MEN cartoons. Sometimes I scan on encyclopedias and read more on art and the great masters . I wanted to become a painter and an artist at that point.

I further enhanced my drawing skills when I was in grade school. I would join poster-making contests and art contests. Sometimes I even win awards.

But my love for drawing slowly waned when I was in high school. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do other than drawing. I focused on other hobbies like music and sports. When I went to college, I totally forgot my childhood dream. We were financially struggling, so enrolling in expensive universities or taking up expensive courses was out of the question.

Now that I already have a job and independent, I have been pondering on the things  that I really love to do. Until the thought hit me! I wanted to make art again. I wanted to fulfill that childhood dream. I can be an artist even if I don’t have a degree in fine arts, I thought.  With research and countless hours on Youtube tutorials, I stared picking up a brush.  I gained confidence as I finish more paintings.  I started with a Reeves watercolor set. I also purchased inexpensive brushes. I also tried my hand on acrylics and portrait sketches to see which medium I am really comfortable with.

I am still in the process of improving my craft. I am hopeful, I will be better someday.


Here’s a watercolor I made. This is a scene of Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Norte, a famous tourist destination in the Philippines.




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