Cats in the house

Here are some photos of our cats in the apartment. Initially, we didn’t intend to have them as pets. I personally didn’t ask to have one, nor bought one from a pet shop, but they came to the apartment anyway. Being a cat-lover myself, I really pity these cats. I think they are from the neighbors, perhaps neglected, and sensed that we are kind-hearted and loving people.

(All the photos were taken by my housemate Kuya Tame)

Here are some of our cats:


Chuchai (deceased) – She was my  first cat (at least when I came to the apartment in 2012). I also had a cat back in our home in Leyte named just like her but she died long ago. Chuchai is a light tempered one, always wanted to be petted, always making noises; I thought she was in heat. We only had her for three or four months. She had an infected throat and became weak and died. I even treated her with betadine but to no avail.

nice pose by x-mas

Christmas – After Chuchai died, this guy came to our house. He was just a juvenile then. I called him Christmas because it was Christmas time when he showed up at the apartment.

He’s timid. He doesn’t want to be petted but doesn’t run or scamper either when approached. He’s not tough-looking too. My housemates and I would often call him “bayot” (gay) because he doesn’t want to get into a fight with the others. We still have him in the house, he’s a regular, a resident. And oh, he’s already looking for mates now (so he isn’t a bayot anymore). I don’t know where he came from or who his owners are.

He loves to get inside the house especially when he wants food. I would feed him left-overs or sometimes canned goods, or buy him fresh fish if he’s been a good boy lately or when it’s payday.

UPDATE: I already moved out from the apartment and living outside Cebu. I just found out that Christmas already died yesterday (March 12, 2017). Huhuhu

christmas with on the rear bumper of tamaraw

Christmas on his favorite spot — the rear bumper of our landlord’s Tamaraw FX.

x-mas annie lennoxChristmas resting under the car. That’s his favorite pastime.

x-mas on the gateLike a boss.

x-mas the sphynxThe Sphynx!!

loboLobo – He came to the house a month after Christmas showed up. I think they are about the same age too. I don’t know if they are brothers though.

Kuya Tame (my housemate)  called him “lobo” (balloon) because he has a bulge on the right side of his stomach. We don’t know what that was. Maybe cancer. Or prolapse. It’s funny because sometimes it “inflates” like a balloon. We even thought he’s gonna die soon because of that.

Lobo is kind of a serious type. Don’t be fooled by this calm looking bugger, one minute he loves to be petted, the next thing you know are his claws and teeth already sinking in your hands. Like Christmas, he also loves to chill out. He only makes noise when he’s hungry and want something to eat, or if he hears us eating with our plates. And he’s a trouble-maker. He would go home all bruised and beaten up, probably from a fight with other cats in the neighborhood.

He and Christmas are best buds, but he is more of dominant one. We also consider him a resident, until a couple of months back when he didn’t show up.  We thought he could’ve been dead or hit by a car. Or maybe on a search for pussy cats (hehe).

UPDATE: He showed up two weeks ago, only to disappear again. We have a new female adult cat who is probably pregnant taking up residence in our “cat conservation camp”.

lobo1Lobo chilling out.

lobo and christmasChristmas and Lobo.

x-mas and lobo resting x-mas and lobo sleeping

lobo sleeping

Want to rub my belly? Nah..

x-mas and lobo

Their bed.

golden bulhog

Golden Bull – A badass miming (cat). Golden, because of his color and Bull a short for “Bulhog” or one-eye (his one eye looks a bit odd, maybe damaged from a cat fight).

This one is the original cat on the block. We call him a “transient” because he’s from our neighbor. He’s the alpha male in the neighborhood, maybe even the oldest. Lobo and Christmas doesn’t want to cross paths with this guy.

He doesn’t always show up in the apartment, but when he does, it’s always eating time. This guy doesn’t want to be touched. I tried a lot of times, but he doesn’t want me to. I only came as close as five feet and then he’ll go further. And he has an awful cat sound too when he wants food. I often see him taking a nap at our neighbor’s house.

orphan young orphan patagad orphan gusgusin orphan begging for attention

Orphan – The newest addition to our cat conservation camp. Another housemate (who happens to be a licensed vet) called him “orphan” because — you guessed it — he’s a poor little wet and shivering kitten when he came.

He’s still young when we took this photo a month ago. He grows so fast. Kuya Tame  is responsible for taking care of this poor cat. He fed him powdered milk. Then he began to eat solid food. He loves to sit on my lap and would massage it with his paws like it’s suckling. It’s very cute.

We still have two more cats who don’t have a photo. We have Kibol “short tailed/no tail” and the nameless pregnant cat that I mentioned earlier.

Update: When I was still living in the apartment, our crazy landlord hit the poor thing because Orphan went inside the house. Horrible! Anyway, Orphan ran away after that. At first we thought he died or he would not survive but a few months later, he came back to the apartment all grown up. It was nice seeing him.


Cats don’t really need much attention like dogs do. They only approach you or call your attention when they want something, like food or water. They are independent, which is fine by me considering that I am also on the go and not sometimes not around the house. I also love dogs. We do have dogs and cats at home in Leyte but I chose not raise one here because it takes too much responsibility.


UPDATE: It’s been three years since I wrote this blog article. Seems like most of the cats in this blog were already deceased. I am already living outside Cebu (Leyte) but after I wrote this article, we had two more cats who showed up. They are Yayang (male) and Tars (female). Tars was able to bear one kitten, named Spotify.



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