A view from my office window

Nothing beats a good view, especially when most of your working day is spent facing a computer screen! It gives you solace amid the hectic job, deadlines, and deliverables.

Luckily, our office has a window that faces west and north of Cebu City (the office is located in the downtown area of Parian) so I have good view of the hills in city, Ayala, SM, Mandaue, the mushrooming infrastructures and anything in between. It helps that we have a Canon EOS 40D with 200mm zoom lens in the office to help me spot interesting shots (although not that much resolution and power as a refracting telescope) as well as take a look at the developing Cebu City skyline. Plus, being on the 4th floor of the building also adds a good vantage point of the skyline as well as people passing by Lopez Jaena Street.

So, anyway here are some shots that I took:









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