Joining my first group art exhibit “Dinhi sa Baybay (Here in Baybay)”

I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to join an artist guild here in my locality Baybay City in Leyte, Philippines. It was such an honor and also a pride to be associated with master artists here. Some of the members are award winning artists and have been painting full-time.

“Dinhi sa Baybay (Here in Baybay): An Art Exhibit” showcases the works of the Visual Arts Association of Baybay (VAAB). The association is composed of up and coming artists and esteemed award-winning artists in Baybay City, Leyte.

Participating artists for this exhibit include:

Marvin Alidro
Buen Josef Andrade
Lito Cana
Mizael Cerna
Domingo Bebot Flandez
Rico Palacio
Dazzilyn Palermo
Paulene Cari-Perez
Dicoper Pernites
Billy Pomida
Jude Nonie Sales

The artworks are also for sale at reasonable prices and part of the proceeds will go to charity.

The exhibit is in K of C Building at the Baybay City Veterans Park. Entrance is FREE. This is also a side light of the city’s annual fiesta celebration. The exhibit runs from December 8, 2017 until January 5, 2018.


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