Baybay City’s Lintaon Peak


What better way to reinvigorate from a stressful week than to go on a joy ride with your friends and family and enjoy mother nature. Thankfully here in Baybay City, a chartered city in Leyte, there is an emerging tourist destination that is free to tourists and is just relatively accessible to vehicles.

Dubbed by some as Baybay City’s highest point (although I highly doubt it since there is the Mt. Pangasugan), Lintaon Peak is becoming a go-to destination for those living in the city who want to breathe in some fresh air and experience the cool breeze. It also gives one a picturesque view of Baybay City similar to that of Cebu City’s Tops or Mountain View or Cagayan de Oro City’s High Ridge.

I first heard of Lintaon Peak maybe four or five years ago when some of my friends posted their “jump shots” on Facebook. Like any…

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