Fish tinola (soup) has and always been a staple dish on every Filipino dining table. For a country surrounded by the sea, fish are abundant and freshly caught fish can be easily acquired. The simplest and easiest way to cook freshly caught fish is tinola (or tinuwa in Cebuano). It’s basically fish cooked in water added with lemon grass, tomatoes, moringa leaves, onions and spring onions! Simple isn’t it? In Luzon and the Tagalog regions, their popular method of cooking fish soup is sinigang (sour soup). Traditionally, they would use tamarind to make the broth sour. In the Visayas regions, they would use iba or kamias or bilimbisee more


Another staple dish in the Filipino table is the “pancit” or stir fried noodles. This dish was introduced to the Philippines by the Chinese and has since been adopted…see more

My home-made humba

HUMBA (or adobo in the tagalog regions) is undoubtedly the dish that best represents the Philippines. It is a pork dish cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, and spices. Almost every household in the country..see more



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