Re-learning Acrylic Painting and Stretching Your Own Canvas Board

So lately I have been trying to go back to acrylic painting and thought I should give more time to learn the medium. For the past five years, I have been painting in watercolor where I joined my first art exhibit and sold a number of watercolor paintings already. Right at that time, I had also made a couple of artworks in acrylic on canvas. I did a commission work for a koi facility in Ormoc City, Leyte called Leni’s Garden and Kois. I did 2 or 3 more acrylics before I decided to give more time on watercolor. For some reason, I was not really that happy with my works and I got frustrated with the medium. To me, acrylic dries fast and it is difficult to blend and mix it. It is also hard to apply the paint and I don’t like the consistency of it when I paint. Another factor that discouraged me to develop my acrylic painting skills in the past was the expensive price of pre-made canvas boards. For a standard 15″ x 22″, you get to pay 500 pesos in an art store.

Just lately, I came across a Youtube page by John Magne Lisondra who posts tutorial videos on acrylic and oil painting and then and there my quest to learn more on acrylic was rekindled. He is also a FILIPINO from Negros Island. I watched his basic tutorials and I have learned new things about acrylic painting. I was also able to point out the mistakes I made before and learned why my paintings were not the way I expected them to be. Watching the video tutorials is one thing and doing the actual painting is another. Good thing I still have my basic acrylic paints from Reeves and an 18-color Reeves acrylic paint set and a set of brushes so I can commence painting given the time.

One thing that is holding me back though is the availability of canvas and canvas boards so I really asked my artists friends here in Baybay on where to source the art supplies out. I also realized that I can save a lot and do a lot more paintings if I make/stretch my own canvas. John Magne also posted a video about DIY canvas boards and stretching the canvas. I was told by my artist friends that they sometimes buy their art supplies at Shopko in Ormoc City. Shopko is located atΒ 79 Lopez Jaena St, Ormoc (see map). I bought my Reeves Acrylic Gesso and some Sakura acrylic paint tubes at Shopko. If you are looking for art supplies, chances are Shopko has it.

Here are the materials needed in making your own canvas board:

1/4 inch plywood or plyboard (available at any local hardware)

2 inch or 3 inch nylon flat paint brush

Gun tacker with 10mm staple wire (I bought mine at Alison’s Store in Baybay City, Leyte for only P180 and I’m sure it can do the job well). Some gun tackers are quite expensive so maybe you can find this in your local Chinese “insik-insik” store

Acrylic Gesso Primer. I bought mine at Shopko Ormoc. This is important as this makes sure that the canvas is ready to be painted.

Last but not the least is the canvas cloth. At first, I asked Shopko Ormoc if they have one but they said they don’t. However they were kind to provide me a lead that it can be available at “Kings” Ormoc. Kings is a textile store just near McDonalds and BDO Ormoc. I bought 6 meters at on P79 pesos per meter. If my math is right, I can make 12 to 20 canvas boards with this. Quite a bargain indeed.



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